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From November 30 until December 11 the UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Paris. Just in time for this important meeting for the international climate policy the “Iceberg songs” go online. The project, a collaboration of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and a creative collective, among others consisting of the communications agency Serviceplan und Buzzin Monkey, relies on songs of renowned musicians in order to raise awareness for the problem of climate change. The website is an audio-visual platform for the songs.

Munich, December 1st 2015 — When icebergs melt they make heartbreaking sounds. These are recorded in the Antarctic Weddell Sea by scientists from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute. With these sounds musicians give the icebergs´ suffering their own interpretation. Internationally renowned musicians, producers and bands – as for example Danish musician Trentemøller – contribute with their own compositions to the “Iceberg Songs”. The results, the impressive “Iceberg Songs”, can be heard on a special website www.icebergsongs.com.

The project´s scope is to raise awareness for climate change and to make those heard who fight against this dangerous development. For this reason the total time the “Iceberg Songs” are listened to is counted. At the end of the project in the upcoming year, politicians and other people responsible will be asked to take this time to discuss about approaches to solve the problem. This is an idea that the danish musician Trentemøller fully supports.

WebGL with threejs – website is state of the art

www.icebergsongs.com is not only an auditory but also a visual experience: Each “Iceberg Song” is accompanied by visuals that react to different frequency ranges such as bass or treble and volume. Each module is audio- reactive and consists of a single 3D scene, a camera path, a post-processing pipeline and an audio processor. All music visualization is automated. The music visualizers used are based on HTML5 WebGL / threejs.

The icebergs are louder than before

As supporter of the “Iceberg Songs”, the UNFCCC is part of the project. For Nick Nuttall, Head of Communications and Outreach and Spokesperson for the UNFCCC, the project is a matter of the heart: “Of course icebergs are melting anyway, but they have become louder over the last couple of decades. Today more than ever, the sounds they make remind me of animals in pain”, Nuttall says. “I myself am a musician and know that music can reach people´s hearts. The `Iceberg Songs´ are a very creative way that hopefully find a lot of listeners and changes their perspective on climate change”.

Iceberg Songs - Official Trailer

Idea and Creation: Serviceplan Campaign, Plan.net Campaign (both Munich)
Website design: Plan.net Campaign, Munich
Technical implementation: Buzzin Monkey
PR: Serviceplan Public Relations
Cooperation partners: Getty Images, Apollo Studios, etc.

About the „Iceberg Songs“

The „Iceberg Songs“ are a music project of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and a creative collective, among others consisting of the communications agency Serviceplan und Buzzin Monkey. The project´s scope is tot o raise awareness fort he problem of climate change. At the heart of the project are songs of internationally renowned musicians that produce music using recordings of icebergs melting. The songs can be listened to on www.icebergsongs.com.

About Buzzin Monkey

Buzzin Monkey is a production house and design studio. Based in Munich, Germany, they work internationally for brands and agencies with services like concept, design, development, film and animation. Buzzin Monkey is known for digital innovations like the worldwide first augmented reality print ad for MINI, or the first browser racing game with facial steering for Red Bull.


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