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The international Serviceplan Group is expanding its business in the key market of France. Following the launch of the digital agency Plan.Net France in 2005, now the portfolios provided by Serviceplan and Mediaplus were brought together under one hat in Paris on 13 October 2015 followed by Lyon at the end of the year. Alain Roussel is taking on the role of CEO of the House of Communication and Serviceplan in France, while Bertrand Beaudichon will be CEO of Mediaplus France. They will be joined on board by Jean-François Dufresne, the founder of Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett.

Munich/Paris, October 15th 2015 — One agency, all forms of communication: As part of its successful international expansion, the Serviceplan Group is now taking its next important step in France, adding to the services already provided there – in Paris on 13 October and in Lyon at the end of the year. From now on, French clients too will have access to expertise and resources in all relevant communication disciplines – along with the specific range of integrated services offered by the entire Serviceplan Group.
Plan.Net France was founded in Paris in 2005 and now employs a team of 35, looking after clients such as Danone, Western Union, Keolis, La Banque Postale and BMW. New media services have been available since summer 2015, with Bertrand Beaudichon taking charge of the new division, which will be made up of 25 employees by the end of the year. Thanks to its shareholding in the agency Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett (founded 1988), classic communication disciplines have also been available in France since 2014 and will now be marketed under the Serviceplan brand. The agency currently employs around 120 staff in Paris and Lyon. Clients include BMW, Andros, Bonne Maman, Midas, Biogaran, Desperados, Affligem and Edelweiss.
Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group, said: “We are delighted to launch our integrated communication concept in a market as important as France. By bringing our skills in traditional communication, media and digital communication together in one company – complemented by our international outlook – we can offer our clients throughout France an even higher level of performance.”
The plan is to expand the portfolio on a step-by-step basis, using the successful agency model of the Serviceplan Group as its template. This will involve adding further communication disciplines and employing experts from the relevant industries. The Houses of Communication in France currently offer the following services: 360-degree communications with a particular focus on classic advertising and digital communication, OoH, corporate and crisis communication, CRM, media and adaptation. The integrated and closely networked way of working with other European and global offices of the Serviceplan Group offers a base from where even international accounts can be managed from Paris and Lyon.

Alain Roussel, CEO of Serviceplan France, explains: “The French communication market is not only large, it is also extremely competitive. We aim to use the independent Serviceplan Group’s innovative, integrated and international portfolio to set new standards on the market.”

Serviceplan and internationalisation

CEO Florian Haller first started to bring his vision to life back in 2006. His dream was to create the world’s first global agency group to originate from Germany. Markus Noder, CEO of Serviceplan International, has been in charge of the agency group’s international strategy since 2011. These days, the German offices in Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne have been joined by Houses of Communication in Vienna, Zurich, Paris, Milan, Brussels and Dubai, as well as branches in Moscow, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. The goal is to develop all branches into Houses of Communication, which bring all communication disciplines together in one place.
Thanks to its close cooperation with other partner agencies, the Serviceplan Group is also represented in some of the world’s most important economic hubs. Its close relationship with the agency group Creston means that the Serviceplan Group is represented in the United Kingdom (London) and the USA (New York). A partnership with the agency Ariadna expands Serviceplan to the cities of Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City, Miami, Panama City, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo, while work with Publips in Spain brings the company to Madrid and Valencia.

Picture 1: Alain Roussel (left) & Jean-François Dufresne
Picture 2: Florian Haller


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